When it comes to unique holidays like National Parent’s Day, finding new and exciting ways to celebrate is half the fun! And luckily, with your CBD lotion for pain in tow, there’s nothing to stop you from celebrating the caregivers in your life with one of these quirky, dynamic, and off-beat activities.

1. Take a hike

With all the digital distractions at home, including cell phones, video consoles, and your work computer, it can be hard to get the family engaged enough to enjoy one another’s company.

To get off the grid and back into each other’s company this National Parent’s Day, consider hitting the trail for a day of family hiking.

Hiking is a great outdoor activity that doesn’t require too much of a financial commitment, and it can be modified to be age and ability for most any family.

For families with young children, pre-prepare plenty of snacks – a fun activity you can complete together the night before, and always include a first aid kit in your rucksack. Try putting together a camping scavenger hunt to keep young children engaged and happy for the day.

If you are hitting the trails with older or aging parents, or you experience chronic pain symptoms in the joints, bring along your CBD pain relief rub for fast, effective relief of joint and muscle soreness. Remember, a CBD lotion for pain is multipurpose, and can also be used on poison ivy rashes or sunburned skin for fast relief.

2. With a family fun day

For families with school-aged children, a family fun day is a great way to organize a day of getting into the competitive spirit.

If your family has a favorite team sport or pastime, such as volleyball, soccer, football, or bocce ball, this is the perfect opportunity to dust off that sports equipment and put together a family tournament. Divide up evenly for team sports to keep things from getting too competitive and bring along your CBD oil for pain relief to take care or any muscle or joint soreness.

For families that are less sport and more challenge-inclined, put together your very own family game show with hard to complete tasks, like an egg toss. Or, consider planning your own backyard family talent show to show off a talent your family might not know about or see often.

Working together to organize a family fun day is a great way to encourage family bonding, particularly between children of a similar age, a treat for any parent this Parent’s Day.

3. Plan a trip

If you are a parent with college-aged kids (or a college-aged individual looking to plan something special for your parents this year), consider getting together this National Parent’s Day to discuss future travel plans.

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate or luxurious vacation: Coming together to make plans with your parents over a meal shows the just how much you enjoy spending time with them and gives you something to look forward to together.

This is also an excellent idea for individuals with aging parents, as future plans give older parents something to look forward to, particularly if they are living in assisted living care.

4. With role reversal

With role reversal

For kids who are looking to plan something truly special and off-beat for their overworked parents this National Parent’s Day, putting together an “opposites day” might be just the ticket. Putting down the remote control and picking up a broom may be one of the best gifts that you can give your parents.

Take care of breakfast, lunch, and dinner to give your parents some time to finally get to that book, massage, or documentary they never seem to have time to get to on the weekends between chores and work.

The final word

At Relevium, we are proud to produce CBD lotions for pain that make everyday life as a hardworking parent that little bit easier.

Lighten that load just a little bit more this National Parent’s Day by taking the time to slow down and celebrate with your family or caregiver.