Every year for Father’s Day, millions of dads get cufflinks, ties, or another tool for their grilling hobby. This Father’s Day, why not get Dad something new and exciting that will help him feel better and enable him to live a more rigorous, active lifestyle? The solution is simple: CBD cream for pain.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a safe and non-psychoactive substance that can be derived from hemp plants or formed in a laboratory setting. Since the passage of the Federal Farm Bill in 2018, it has been much easier for CBD products to go through development make it onto shelves. CBD has a number of benefits associated with its use, ranging from the small to the incredible.


Benefits of CBD Cream

1. Natural product

CBD is a naturally occurring product, which means that it contains no harsh chemicals. This means there is a much lower chance of adverse side effects when taking CBD compared to taking other pharmaceutical products for the same health concern.
If your dad is a regular user of medications for pain, now is a great time to show him the benefits of CBD hemp oil for pain.

2. Non-addictive

Many doctors prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, for mild to moderate pain. If this pain is chronic, however, there are higher risks of addiction or dependency on these medications, as well as other health issues that can occur with overuse.

CBD products have been proven to be non-habit-forming, which makes them a valuable alternative to these drugs.

3. Anti-inflammatory properties

When a body part is irritated, it can become inflamed, as inflammation is the body’s natural response to trauma or stress. This inflammation can cause other health issues and can become chronic depending on the type of pain experienced. The high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in CBD can suppress the body’s inflammatory response

If it is topically applied to the area where pain is felt, CBD hemp cream for pain can reduce swelling and tenderness quickly. This works for many ailments, but if you have an active father who often forgets sunscreen and can burn easily, a CBD cream can help relieve the pain and irritation from sunburn as well.

4. Joint and muscle pain relief

As people age, their joints and muscles are more prone to fatigue, especially if they exercise regularly. Studies have shown that CBD hemp oil for pain can be used to dramatically reduce inflammation of the joints as well as pain resulting from conditions like arthritis.

CBD cream is also effective when used to treat sports injuries, such as a sprain or a strain. The cream blocks the inflammatory response from the body, which can allow for faster recovery time or an easier time treating the injury.

This can be incredibly beneficial for any athlete. If your dad is out of action due to an injury, CBD cream would be a great way to show him you care about his health and want to see him back on his feet.

5. Versatile use options

CBD cream is a wonderful way to apply CBD and reap its benefits, but it’s not the only option on the market. If your dad isn’t a fan of lotions, there are ways to experience those benefits without CBD cream for pain. CBD can be administered through oil, ingested through food, or inhaled through a vaping device.

However, a topical cream is a great universal choice because of its quick absorption and its ability to target specific parts of the body easily. If your dad suffers from many pain symptoms, a topical cream might be a good place for him to start his CBD journey.

This Father’s Day, get your dad a gift that will relieve his pain and make his days easier. He’ll think of you when he applies it, and he’ll have you to thank for any pain relief he feels.