Searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be challenging. After all, how do you find a gift for one day that really shows mom just how much you care and appreciate all she does throughout the year?

Easy, you find gifts that keep on giving!

The following gift guide includes five unique and offbeat gifts, like CBD balm, classes, and useful gadgets that mom can enjoy on Mother’s Day and all year long.


   1. CBD Balm

Of course, CBD balm tops our list as one of the best gifts you can give your mom this Mother’s Day.

As far as natural solutions to pain, anxiety, and aging skin go, the benefits and variability of CBD pain relief rubs simply cannot be beat.

According to research, CBD topical creams are an excellent choice for individuals who suffer from arthritis and joint pain, as well as active and athletic moms who experience regular muscle soreness.

Skip the paraben and formaldehyde-filled body lotions and creams this Mother’s Day and choose a holistic and natural cream instead. When you buy CBD oil topical creams from responsible manufacturers like Relevium for your mom, you are gifting her the anti-aging effects of hemp-based CBD oil that won’t harm or irritate her sensitive skin.

   2. Yoga Classes

Yoga is an excellent, low-impact exercise that you and your mom can do together all year long. It encourages fluid movement and flexibility for the improvement of physical health, while also promoting mental health through meditation.

Consider purchasing a class package for you and your mom at a local yoga studio or establishing your own schedule of weekly home practice. Classes at studios and online vary in difficulty and can be matched to your fitness level and schedule.

   3. Bean Bag

You can show mom that you care about her aches and pains in more ways than one this Mother’s Day!

Along with her CBD oil for pain relief, consider buying or making mom a bean bag. These bags are typically filled with dried corn or beans and can be found in many health and wellness stores. They are available in many shapes and configurations to treat any area of the body, and even come in stuffed animal form for a gift that’s as cute as it is useful. They can also be filled with dried lavender for a soothing effect.

The bags can be frozen for cooling relief or heated in the microwave and placed on tense muscles. A homemade or store-bought bean bag makes a great addition to a pain relief basket for mom: Simply add your bean bag, some essential oils, a diffuser, and pure CBD oil lotion to a basket for a customized and thoughtful gift she can use throughout the year.

   4. Personalized Perfume

Rather than simply grabbing the first perfume you find off the department store shelf, why not make one of your own?

Creating a personalized perfume is the perfect way to show your mother you love just how much she means to you and how well you know her.

Is your mom fiery and fun? Consider adding spicy scents. Is your mother sweet and traditional? Flowers like lilacs and roses are classic summer perfume scent choices.  
perfume bottles on glass shelf

perfume bottles on glass shelf

   5. Kitchen Gadgets

While a kitchen gadget may not seem as unique as some of the other items on this list, an uncommon kitchen gadget makes the perfect gift for any foodie mom.

You simply need to think outside the box. What type of food does she enjoy cooking or baking? Chances are, there is a fun and interesting gadget that she doesn’t own that could make her cooking and baking endeavors easier. From infrared thermometers to trays that communicate with a smartphone to monitor how many eggs you have in the fridge, a useful tech-gadget is sure to bring a smile to mom’s face.

Final Thoughts

By putting just a little thought and effort into selecting your gift for mom this Mother’s Day, you can show her just how much appreciate all that she does today and every day.