In a recent Nielsen poll, results show that 34 percent of adults in the United States are interested in consuming or using legalized cannabis products, such as cannabidiol, or CBD. This number currently is not a majority, but it is a significant minority. This significant minority will only grow as more people learn about the benefits of CBD products such as CBD pain relief rub.

These shifting attitudes are important to note for manufacturers of consumer goods, especially those producing products related to health and wellness. There are many benefits of CBD that over-the-counter (OTC) consumers would enjoy, and many issues normally solved by OTC that CBD can replace.

1. Arthritis

Studies have shown that CBD can be a great tool for minimizing and reducing chronic joint pain and other symptoms that accompany arthritis. CBD topical creams are excellent choices for dealing with areas of localized pain quickly and effectively. Consumers of OTC products would be willing to try CBD to alleviate arthritic pain for them or an older member of their family.

According to recent Nielsen data, 40 percent of all arthritic pain sufferers are interested in using cannabis as a form of treatment.


2. Headaches and migraines

Headaches and migraines

For people who have searched for years for an effective treatment for their migraines, CBD might be the key. Although there haven’t been many prominent studies about using CBD and cannabis-derived products to treat migraines, there is evidence that CBD can work to decrease inflammation and relieve symptoms of arthritis.

Because of these findings, there’s reason to believe this anti-inflammatory effect might transfer over to relieving the pain of a migraine as well. Nielsen reports that 40 percent of headache and migraine sufferers would be interested in reducing their symptoms with cannabis and CBD-based products.

3. Sports injuries

Injuries and discomfort that can occur from exercising or playing sports, such as sore muscles, pulled muscles, sprains, and strains, can also be helped through the use of CBD. If the injury or pain is in a localized area, a topical cream might be a smart choice, but to quickly deliver relief to the whole body, letting a few drops of tasteless CBD hemp oil for pain relief absorb sublingually, or under your tongue, will do the trick.

4. Back and neck pain

The anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects that CBD induces make it an excellent tool for dealing with chronic pain emanating from the neck or back. Because this pain is chronic and long-lasting, it’s a more responsible idea to treat it with a natural pain reliever, as opposed to synthetic nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Tylenol or Advil.

These OTC pain medications can cause dependence if used too often and can also damage the liver and digestive tract. There are no such side effects with a natural pain reliever like CBD.

5. Menstrual pain

Women who menstruate often have to deal with monthly cramping, bloating, physical sensitivity, and hormonal imbalances that can cause mood swings. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can work to counteract the bloating and sensitivity, and the mood and stress-regulating receptors in the brain with which CBD interacts can reduce mood swings and hormonal imbalances. CBD is essentially a one-stop shop for reducing all symptoms that accompany menstruation.

6. Insomnia

CBD has been known to help induce sleep, which can be very useful for people working on inconsistent sleep schedules or new parents, who need their little sleep to be good quality. There are many OTC sleep aids on the market, but some can be habit-forming, and even the non-habit-forming varieties can be less effective than using CBD.

7. Smoking cessation

CBD’s ability to dampen cravings has already been demonstrated through a study of its effects on people with opioid addictions. Another study shows that after taking CBD supplements, tobacco smokers ended up smoking less.

Using CBD as a tool to help people quit smoking is incredibly important: Almost 1 in 5 smokers surveyed by Nielsen said they’d want to use CBD to help them quit smoking.