We live in a world where CBD is becoming wide-spread and only just beginning to be understood. You can buy pure hemp oil for pain relief, CBD oil for back pain, and consider how CBD might help anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, and a variety of other ailments. The science is young, optimism is high, and sales are booming.

What better way to learn about CBD than to attend world-class events and expositions? These events gather researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs from around the world to share CBD discovers and findings and to explore the burgeoning new world of hemp science.

If you’re into CBD, here are some events that simply shouldn’t be missed.

1. The World Food Championships — Dallas, TX

The annual World Food Championships will be held October 16-20 and will feature an astounding array of competitors and food magicians. I say ‘food magicians’ because Kukua, Inc.’s child company, Kind Spice, will be featured this year.

Kukua, Inc. is a minority and a veteran-owned company that specializes in providing active women cannabis-based beauty and health solutions. Their child company, Kind Spice, is paving the way in delivering consistent, quality CBD options for food infusions.

Their pioneering method helps to ensure safety and consistency, and they offer a range of products, from honey to sauces, from flour and sugar to seasoning to spices and seasonings. In addition to testing their products according to FDA standards and their own requirements for potency and accuracy, their products are entirely THC-free.

They will be supplying the CBD to a new competition category—the CBD-infused cooking category—and hopefully, this will show the world that CBD can be used with accuracy and to great benefits in world-class food. This isn’t an event to be missed.


2. USA CBD Expo — Las Vegas

What better way to spend a few days than encountering what the top minds in CBD science, business, and research have to offer?

Coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center February 13-15 of 2020, the USA CBD Expo is renowned for its sheer size.

The USA CBD Expo has a mission of becoming the largest Expo in the business. Unlike the World Food Championships, which is all about showing the world CBD in the best possible food forms, this event strives to bring sellers and consumers together in worthwhile encounters.

As a consumer, you can wander between stalls, compare CBD companies, and ask endless questions. As a seller, the competition provides drive and excitement: You can see what your competitors are doing, encounter new CBD forms and marketing methods, and compare notes.

Most importantly, this event will help everyone learn more about CBD, share the knowledge they already have, and further understanding of what CBD can do.

3. The Original CBD Mountain Expo — Denver, CO

As the website describes, “It’s not exactly a business-to-business conference, and it’s not exactly a business to consumer conference. It’s a HYBRID where anything can happen.” Check the website for locations and dates.

This sums up the magic of the Original CBD Mountain Expo. Boasting attendees in the thousands, this exposition is many things. First, it’s huge. It’s a gigantic tradeshow, but it’s also more than that. It’s an opportunity to encounter panels of experts, CBD extraction workshops, world-class speaker presentations, CBD culinary creations, 200+ unique CBD vendors and exhibitors, and far more.

The Original CBD Mountain Expo also arranges its event around specific relevant themes each year. This 2019, the theme is Legalities, Compliance, Regulations, Investments, Holistic Medicine and Medical Trends.

This is incredibly topical and of-the-moment. As a result, thousands of people, some of whom are the top minds in the CBD industry, will be considering the implications and ramifications of recent legislation and trends. Imagine a panel of world-class experts discussing the implications of the recent FDA warning letter to Curaleaf in conjunction with the consequences, complications, and opportunities associated with the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2019.

Imagine exploring the budding scientific body of knowledge among a community of people devoted to pushing the boundaries and exploring the health benefits of CBD. If, for example, you’re interested in CBD for back pain, pure hemp oil for pain relief, or CBD for anxiety, this is the place to go to understand what can best help you and why.

Additionally, the Original CBD Mountain Expo will pay special attention to Broad and Full Spectrum CBD. This discussion will be beneficial for buyers, sellers, suppliers, researchers, scientists, and medical professions. You will see the top CBD oil for pain relief alongside top research.

In short, this is an event where truly anything can happen, and you can expect some incredibly exciting conversations and hands-on workshops with the best in the CBD trade. Afterward, you can enjoy all Colorado has to offer, from mountains to sand dunes, from beautiful weather to cliffs.

4. Southern Hemp Expo — Franklin, Tennessee

This is a local event, and only in its second year. Held in Franklin, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville from September 6th to 7th, this event has boasted over 10,000 attendees, and countless vendors showcasing all that hemp can do. Their expo hall completely sold out, so jump on tickets before they’re gone. To make it more enticing, this year’s event will focus particular attention on hemp farming education, the hemp farming industry, and how to approach it all in the aftermath of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018.

This event’s relevant focal point will give CBD aficionados a chance to engage in larger, broader conversations surrounding hemp production and distribution, as well as a chance to get in touch with more CBD buyers and sellers who are involved in the agricultural and industrial issues.

5. Cannabinoid Conference 2019 — Berlin, Germany

This conference, held in Berlin from the 31st of October to the 2nd of November, will have a strong medical bent. Here, leading speakers and researchers from top universities and medical institutions around the world will be exploring CBD and Cannabis from a medical lens.

This event is one of the world’s leading forums for CBD research, perhaps even more so than any of the events described above. Because of its strict medical focus, it will be spending far less time of trends and marketing and far more time on the actual implications of current research and science.

While less flashy or showy, this is perhaps one of the most genuinely and truly exciting events on the list. With some of the best researchers gathered together and earnestly discussing what CBD can do, how much closer to real CBD knowledge can you get? Is there any better way to learn about the real science surrounding CBD?

6. Cannabis World Conference and Business Exposition — Boston, MA

Held in three major U.S. cities each year—Los Angeles, Boston, and New York—this conference targets the major financial and media markets of the U.S. This is one of the largest business-to-business Cannabis-oriented conferences of its kind. It enables legal workers, investors, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, growers, government workers and regulators, and suppliers to come together and share all they’ve been working on in the cannabis and CBD business. What makes the best CBD oil for chronic pain? What’s the best way for consumers to buy CBD oil online? These questions will be considered, along with many more.

The next conference will be held in Boston from October 23rd to 27th. If you or someone you know is in the CBD business, this is a tremendous learning opportunity, a chance to network, and a time to encounter some of the leading voices and personalities in the industry.

7. Red Rock Hemp Festival —Cornville, AZ

This is another smaller-scale, local festival. Based in Cornville, Arizona, and held on the 21st of September, this festival will also focus on recent legislation that allows Arizonans to grow their own hemp and enjoy the health benefits of cannabinoids. This will be an excellent opportunity for locals to come together, share CBD extraction methods, and discuss the regional agricultural joys and challenges.

8. CannaMed — Pasadena Convention Center, CA

CannaMed is pretty much exactly what it sounds like - a medical event dedicated to Cannabis science held by Medical Genomics.

With its first annual event held back in 2016 at the Harvard Medical School, this yearly event is serious about CBD and Cannabis science. Want to find out what will be the best CBD oil for back pain relief for you? This event might be perfect.

This year, the event will be held in Pasadena, California, from September 23rd to September 24th. The event will last all day on each of those days, so be prepared to learn a lot.

CannaMed invites participants to get educated and explore the science of cannabis from start to finish. Speakers will address a wide range of topics, including the growth of cannabis, cultivation issues and agricultural science, safety testing, extraction, production, sale, medical science and studies, new horizons, and more.

9. Hemp Farm Summit — Circleville, OH

This is an agricultural cannabis summit held in Ohio, one of the country’s leading agricultural hubs. Held in Circleville on the 28th of September, this event will, like others on this list, consider the implications of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018. This summit will examine a wide variety of agricultural and agro-industrial hemp and CBD topics, such as production, distribution, planting, legality, harvesting, packaging, marketing, and processing —all from the perspective of agriculture in a state that knows agriculture.

For someone wanting to explore the agriculture behind CBD regulation and production, look no further for the perfect event.

10. Global Cannabis Institute — London, UK

Held in London from November 13 to November 14, GCI Europe will bring together a broad spectrum of leaders and thinkers in the cannabis community. This is very much a conference for CBD and Cannabis professionals, and discussions will consider a wide range of topics through a specialized, expert lens.

Among the topics covered will be top marketing and consumer product strategies, medical breakthroughs and world-class discoveries, and budding cannabis technology.

11. Southern US Hemp Growers Conference and Expo — Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This is another event that will be held explicitly for hemp growers and their concerns. From December 2nd to the December 4th, growers from all over the southern U.S. states will gather to discuss the joys, challenges, and new developments in producing American hemp. As over 75% of southern U.S. states allow industrial hemp production, an event that brings growers in this unique geographical region together will only yield good things for the CBD industry.

It will allow southern growers to discuss recent legislation against smokable hemp products, problems, and concerns in hemp agro-business, CBD production and distribution, and many more topics.

12. Asian Cannabis and Hemp Investment Symposium — Hong Kong

This is a world-class event that will bring experts together from all over the world from February 23rd to February 24th of 2020. The Asian Cannabis and Hemp Investment Symposium aim to bring together leaders from across cannabis sectors—CBD leader, recreational cannabis entrepreneurs, and medical researchers to promote collaboration, exploration, and education amongst the next generation of cannabis developers.

This is huge for CBD. Through this, CBD will be given a vast, global-scale platform and time and attention from a wide variety of thinkers and business-minded individuals. Topics considered will include:

  • Dealing with traditionally anti-cannabis governments.
  • Creating and exporting brands in and to Asia.
  • Tracing and tracking the development of recreational, pharmaceutical, and medical markets across different regions.
  • The evolution of CBD to include the full range of cannabinoids.
  • How China, India, and Japan might impact the market in the future.
  • Emerging cannabinoid and hemp markets in Africa, Oceania, and South America.
  • Newest clinical discoveries and breakthroughs.

Final Thoughts

This list of events is not complete or exhaustive in any way. What it does show is the sheer interest and development surrounding CBD and Cannabis products. We live in a time of great opportunity, growth, and change, and these events help push the boundaries.

When it comes to CBD events, there really is something for everyone. From global medical symposiums to regionally based agricultural forums, from hemp festivals celebrating local agriculture to World Food Championships with state-of-the-art CBD infusions.

Perhaps this also demonstrates that CBD isn’t just a passing trend. This is a new wave, a new future. The market is spreading all over the world and developing in interesting ways. Whole continents previously unengaged in the above-board cannabis market are taking note, paying attention, and organizing around this new idea. Around the world, medical professionals and researchers are specializing in CBD research and going so far as to hold whole conferences around the topic of breakthrough CBD and cannabis discoveries. This is an age where you can buy CBD oil online or explore the uses of CBD cream or CBD oil for back pain.

This is an exciting time, and it raises a lot of questions. How might CBD help you or a loved one? How could it add to your quality of life? If you want pain relief from a product that won’t slow you down or make you dependent, fill out Relevium’s contact form or call today on (360)-200-7417.