Physical medicine and rehabilitation strive to help patients achieve the highest level of function, independence, and quality of life possible within the realms of their conditions. Did you know that CBD products, including cannabis cream for pain can support these efforts?

Whether you or a loved one is suffering from chronic pain or recovering from an accident, CBD oil for pain relief could be the necessary supplement your current rehabilitation program is lacking.

1. CBD fights pain

Pain management is one of the central pillars of rehabilitation. Various topical CBD products are designed exactly for this purpose. Topical CBD products are known to provide localized pain relief and suppress inflammation.

Orally ingested painkillers cannot provide the same localized treatment. Instead, these medications flood the entire body with chemical compounds and can cause dangerous side effects, including internal bleeding in the stomach.

This is just a glimpse into why more patients are turning to natural cannabis-derived pain management. Nearly 100% organic, cannabis-derived products provide the desired pain relief, without causing the body any unintentional and troublesome health complications.

As the compound fights pain, it is reasonable to assume that patients will experience a boost in mobility, since their actions and bodies are no longer restricted to the power pain previously held over them.



2. Non-addictive

CBD is a natural compound, known as a cannabinoid, extracted from the cannabis plant. Despite the widespread connotation that the cannabis plant contains exclusively addictive high-inducing chemicals, this is absolutely not the case.

CBD does not have the same mind-altering effects as THC and is not an addictive component. This positions CBD as an excellent pain relief method which works with the body safe for the majority of patients, even former addicts.

There are also some preliminary studies which believe that CBD products could combat opioid addiction, or at the very least, do not incite any addictive tendencies among users.

3. CBD supports the body’s natural pain management system

Cannabis cream for pain and other cannabis-derived topicals work naturally with the body’s pain management system.

The Endocannabinoid system acts as an internal moderator, which affects the functions of the brain, endocrine, and immune tissues. Cannabinoids activate and support this system’s actions. Recently, scientists have found that this system can also be activated by externally produced cannabinoids, like CBD.

When CBD enters the body, whether through an orifice or through absorption by the skin, the molecules indirectly impact the different cannabinoid receptors found throughout the body. This indirect influence includes the likes of activating secondary receptors, which control pain perception, body temperature, and inflammation.

Generally speaking, CBD supports the endocannabinoid system to bring the body back to a homeostatic state, reducing pain and inflammation.

4. Additional treatment of related issues

When going through rehabilitation, patients may feel bouts of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. This is because they could be adjusting to their new norm living with reduced mobility or are coming to terms with the accident that left them severely injured.

CBD products could provide an additional kind of treatment targeting and alleviating the omnipresence of these disorders in a patient’s daily life. When a patient can relax and sleep better throughout the night with the help of CBD, they may find they recover faster. With a full night’s rest, the body is finally able to dedicate large amounts of energy to the healing process.

As World Physical Therapy Day on September 8th is quickly approaching, it is undeniably worth a look into cannabis cream for pain and related products to find out more on how it can support rehabilitation programs.