CBD can be a benefit to every age, gender, and even your furry friends! A 2019 poll done by D.C based analytical company, Gallup, revealed that 20% of adults in America currently implement a form of CBD into their lifestyle and holistic pain management and anxiety relief being the main ailments that CBD can improve significantly without use of chemicals or any negative long-term use side effects.


18% or over 40 million of the adult population within the US have a form of anxiety, however, only 28% of adults affected by anxiety have sought mental health treatment, even while mental health stigma decreases and mental health worsens within a digital and stressful 21st century. While it is always important to seek professional mental health treatment and consult your practitioner about the best methods to help you feel your best, implementing a low dose of CBD within your daily routine or when you feel anxious, reduces symptoms associated with anxiety such as, lowering blood pressure, boosting mood and relieving stress. Try a CBD oil tincture for controlled and consistent dosing that you can customize for your needs


High-stress levels and inflammation brought on by intense exercise or daily strain of life are no match for CBD’s multifaceted benefits and are only enhanced with a healthy lifestyle and commitment to overall wellbeing. By listening to your body and taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically, CBD can work overtime to help you reach your peak. The American Psychological Association stated that 50% of adults reported that exercise makes them feel better overall and 30% reported stress reduction. Nevertheless, exercise, especially strenuous takes a toll on the body and may strain joints, causing inflammation and soreness. By using a CBD massage oil after bathing or exercise, overall strain to joints and stress levels are lowered naturally!


Some adults over 50 experience onset of chronic pain or bone density loss, both of which CBD protects from and also works to reduce. Up to 30% of adults over 50 reported bone fractures and CBD can promote healthy bones and prevent or slow down osteoporosis which does not show symptoms until a bone fracture occurs. CBD also is great for lowering blood pressure and improving sleep. Try a CBD rich capsule for full-body benefits or a CBD salve for localized need.

Overall, CBD can benefit every age group and is completely customizable for your needs and lifestyle and can be a solution for insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure and much more without the worry of incurring side effects from other medication or pills. By listening to your body and choosing holistic methods, along with a healthy lifestyle, you are choosing healthy solutions that help you reach your peak.

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