Athletes are always looking to gain an edge, and CBD lotion for pain and coconut oil are two products that have been helping athletes recover faster and train harder.

Cannabidiol or CBD cream contains an extract from the hemp plant. Not to be confused with THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, CBD lotion is an increasingly popular and legitimate way for athletes to recover after strenuous exercise.

Coconut oil, a popular ingredient in many of today’s trendiest diets such as paleo and keto can also be used as a topical cream to reduce inflammation. Widely available and all-natural, this remedy is also a proven pain reliever.

The studies so far indicate CBD creams and lotions provide greater relief.

CBD: Improving Athletic Performance

CBD lotion for pain is derived from hemp. Despite being obtained from a non-intoxicating variety of cannabis, CBD cream still has a stigma attached to it. However, that stigma seems to be diminishing quickly in the public eye as the benefits of CBD cream continues to gain traction.

CBD lotion for pain

The science behind CBD oil for pain relief is growing stronger due to clinical research. The oil is derived from seeds and stems of sativa varietals, pressed and processed into oil which is then made into CBD creams. The THC content of these oils, by law, must be less than 0.3%.

So how do these oils support athletic performance? The body naturally creates cannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are produced in the body locally, wherever they are needed. Some even have anti-inflammatory properties.

Because these endocannabinoids exist locally within the body, applying them topically to a sore muscle or a swollen area acts in concert with the body’s endocannabinoid system to increase the anti-inflammatory benefits and speed up recovery.

Despite the still developing body of evidence for the benefits of CBD cream, all signs point to it being a major breakthrough for pain relief, exercise recovery, and general athletic enhancement.


Coconut Oil: Uses for Athletes

In recent years, coconut oil has made its way into homes as a healthier fat substitute in all types of cooking. Keto and paleo-friendly, this oil has numerous health benefits from maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system to assisting with fat burning.

But how is coconut oil useful for athletes? Many athletes swear by coconut oil for relief of sore muscles or swollen joints. Rubbing the coconut oil-infused creams on these areas of the body can result in pain relief and inflammation reduction.

Coconut oil relies on two acids to perform it’s topical magic: lauric and capric acid. Lauric acid is a saturated fat and anti-microbial agent. It can be used to fight a variety of pathogens.

Capric acid, also a saturated fat, has antifungal properties. Applied to the skin, it can assist in remediating surface irritation and prevent harmful bacteria from irritating the skin.

Combined, these two key ingredients can significantly aid the recovery time for an athlete dealing with intense and frequent workouts.

Conclusion: What is Best for Athletes?

While both oils have benefits, the outcomes for topical application of coconut oil are more limited than CBD creams.

Coconut oil has been studied extensively and while the saturated fats do have antimicrobial and anti-pathogenic properties, their benefit to athletic training is cursory. The interactions lauric and capric acid have with the body via the skin is not as impactful as CBD creams.

CBD cream, which interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the human body, is likely to have a greater impact for athletes.

CBD oil for pain management, combined with the body’s own endocannabinoid system response, can help athletes recover faster. Athletes who recover faster can train harder and longer – a winning formula for any competitor.