It’s no secret that cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive, non-addictive, safe sister compound of the high-inducing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), has many health benefits. According to recent research, using CBD cream for pain management is a quick and easy way to feel relief from a number of injuries and conditions.

Whether you have chronic pain or simply soreness or fatigue, the topical application of CBD can help alleviate pain. More spas are starting to offer CBD-infused treatments to keep up with the demand for the therapeutic properties this compound can provide.

How does CBD work?

CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for keeping the body’s central nervous system homeostatic and functioning. CBD binds to specific receptors, called CB2 receptors, and blocks these receptors from sending signals of pain and inflammation to the brain. In this way, CBD hemp oil for pain can alleviate discomfort.

The addition of massaging in CBD pain relief rub can have a positive influence on the CB2 receptors, which can also lead to less pain.


What to expect from a CBD massage

Many spas are offering a wellness experience featuring the benefits of topical CBD application. Although each experience is different, it is likely that the person performing the massage will ask you whether there’s any specific area of the body that has been sore or painful lately. This area will be where the CBD cream will be applied and massaged in the most deeply.

Your entire body will most likely not be covered in CBD cream unless you specify that you’re experiencing pain in many areas. Other products not infused with CBD will be used on the rest of the body to provide a pleasant experience.

Other CBD spa treatments

Other CBD spa treatments

Massages are not the only way to incorporate CBD into your spa and wellness experience. Here is a brief list of some services offered at different spas across the country:

  • A nail salon in LA offers “Canna-cures,” including a CBD bath bomb, CBD chocolates, and specific treatments for hands and feet called “Canni-Manis” and “Canni-Pedis.”
  • Some spas are offering the addition of a sublingual (under the tongue) dose of CBD oil in addition to hemp-infused massage products.
  • CBD bath bombs are also being used in some spas’ CBD hydrotherapy sessions, which can be added on to another treatment package.
  • A full-body treatment with infused products for scalp and hair renewal, foot exfoliation, and massage is available at some resorts on the west coast.
  • Some spas also include a special ambiance for their CBD treatments, playing binaural beats in the treatment room. Binaural beats are rhythms of two different frequencies played at the same time, which can create a new way for the brain to focus and can also help with meditation as well as the relaxation already prompted by the CBD itself.
  • Some CBD massages are less focused on pain relief specifically and more focused on correcting any existing imbalances in the body. Other treatments can include stretching or a focus on the body’s pressure points. One spa even adjusts their treatments based on the time of the treatment and the body’s specific circadian rhythms to promote wellness.
  • Receiving a CBD spa treatment outside, in a picturesque setting, can also contribute to increased relaxation and luxury.
  • Many CBD treatments can be pricey, but a number of spas offer a bottle of the CBD tincture, balm, or lotion used in the spa as a take-home gift after the spa day is over. Some spas also offer signature CBD-infused cocktails for guests to sip on before and after their treatments.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking to experiment with CBD but not sure you want to shell out for a pricey massage treatment, find a friend and have a spa day on your own! All you’ll need is some CBD topical cream, maybe a massage aid such as a roller or other tool, and a relaxing environment to assist with further relaxation. However, if you want to be thoroughly pampered and relaxed, look up which spas in your area offer a CBD-infused treatment.