At Relevium, we are proud to provide our products – such as CBD lotion for pain – to American parents who raise their children while struggling with the debilitating symptoms of chronic and acute pain.

In recognition of this selfless commitment, we choose to celebrate and support National Parent’s Day as a way to say to thanks for the endless care of America’s parents.

However, we also recognize that, between scheduling and facility requirements, celebrating National Parent’s Day and saying thank you to aging parents who are living in senior communities can be a challenge.

For that reason, we’ve put together this list of off-beat and fun activities and ideas for you to try out this coming National Parent’s Day as a way of saying thank you to your parents.

Take a family portrait

In today’s increasingly digital world – where everyone is a photographer and every phone is a camera – pictures no longer seem to hold any real sentimental value to younger generations.

However, for many older individuals, a picture is still worth those thousand words, and aging parents and grandparents treasure the photos they have of their children and grandchildren as personal keepsakes.

This National Parent’s Day, consider gathering your family and hiring a photographer to take a family a portrait with elderly parents who are living in assisted care. This is a particularly good activity for individuals who are unable to leave assisted care due to any physical or health impediments.

A family portrait is not only a good excuse to get everyone together and show your aging parents love this National Parent’s Day, but it’s also a great way to commemorate the occasion with a family portrait your parents can hang on their wall and enjoy all year long.


Plan a special outing

Though it might seem like a foreign concept to the young and mobile, for many individuals living in assisted living communities, one of the most challenging aspects of their new living situation is not maintaining autonomy over their ability to come and go as they please.

Help mom and dad escape the hum-drum and potential boredom of daily life at their assisted living community by planning a fun day away, taking part in some of their favorite activities.

For more active parents, choose an outing that is a throwback to the activities they would take you and your siblings to when you were children. This could be a round of goofy-golf followed by a trip to your favorite ice cream parlor, or an outing to the local zoo.

If your parents have mobility issues, stick instead to less tiresome activities, such as a picnic or a matinee showing at your local movie theater.

If you have them, bring along old photos of you and your parents doing those same activities when you were a child for a sentimental, heart-warming (and oftentimes hilarious) throwback.

Gift small and smart

Gift small and smart

With age comes wisdom, and for many aging parents, trinkets and gifts – while nice thoughts – are no longer as necessary as important as spending quality time with family.

However, gifting practically is never a bad idea, and some gifts, such as CBD lotion for pain, can actually make spending family time with children and grandchildren easier. This is particularly true for individuals who use CBD oil for arthritis pain or suffer from other chronic and acute pain symptoms.

If your parent is suffering a painful condition, consider gifting them a CBD pain relief rub that can help them manage their pain symptoms. On top of their pain-relieving effects, your loved one will be reminded of just how much you care each time they apply their hemp oil for pain-relief.

The final word

Once a parent, always a parent. There are never enough opportunities to say thank you to America’s parents and recognize the work that goes into raising a family.

This National Parent’s Day, don’t let assisted living get in the way of communicating to your aging parents just how much you care and appreciate that lifelong commitment.