If you’re considering cannabis oil for pain relief, there are a variety of types of oils and creams out on the market. The legalization of hemp farming in the United States has led to a large number of retailers trying to cash in on this emerging product. However, some of these products are of questionable quality because of how their CBD oil is sourced.

When you buy CBD oil online, it’s important to read the manufacturer’s claims carefully and only buy from reputable companies. Most importantly, make sure to avoid synthetic CBD oils, as they are largely untested. When at all possible, organic CBD oils or creams are your best option since they’ll be grown free of toxins that can harm both you and our planet.

Natural CBD

Since CBD is a product of hemp leaves and flowers, it should be a “natural” product by definition. However, some products include synthetic CBD oil – which is dangerous, because the effects of synthetic CBD have not been thoroughly researched. Natural CBD is known to be safe for therapeutic uses and has minimal side effects.

Synthetic CBD is not widely used yet, but it’s important to watch out for it. If a CBD oil product’s label or website does not indicate the source of the hemp used, it may use synthetic oils. It’s also possible for a product to use some natural CBD but be cut with varying amounts of synthetic CBD.


Organic CBD

Organic CBD refers to CBD oil that is sourced from organically grown hemp plants. Organic hemp must meet a range of FDA criteria to be certified organic and isn’t as simple as just avoiding pesticides. Organic hemp must be grown in clean, healthy soil free of heavy metals and other toxins. While healthy soil is essential for all plants, it’s especially crucial for hemp because hemp tends to absorb toxins from soil.

Organic hemp can be more expensive to grow than non-organic hemp because farmers have to use more rigorous farming methods and natural fertilizers. However, it’s well worth it for keeping toxins out of hemp, since you’ll be ingesting or topically applying the CBD oil made from it.

Environmental Effects

Hemp is a sustainable, earth-friendly crop that provides pollen for bees, butterflies, and other insects critical for our ecosystem. Its derivatives, including CBD oil, are environmentally responsible products that you can feel good about buying. Synthetic CBD isn’t directly bad for the environment, but growing hemp for the production of natural CBD oil contributes to a vibrant ecosystem.

Organic CBD derived from organically grown hemp is even better for the environment. When pesticides are used on plants, they can kill insects that are a critical part of our ecosystem. The chemical residues left on plants may also be harmful to humans, and research into the long-term effects of pesticide use is still ongoing. Certified organic farms use natural methods to protect crops from being eaten by insects and animals.

Thus, when you buy CBD oil that’s both natural and organic, you’re benefiting from an earth-friendly industry. You can maximize your health benefits by avoiding the unnecessary risks that come with synthetic and non-organic products.

Products Available

While there is a range of CBD pain relief rubs and other products available, not all of them are created equal. Some contain a lower concentration of CBD, while others have cheap filler ingredients. A handful of international products derive their CBD from marijuana plants instead of hemp plants, and it’s hard to control the amount of psychotropic THC oil that ends up in CBD oil from marijuana. Since there is no standardized labeling for CBD oil pain relief products yet, customers need to read the manufacturer’s label carefully to make sure the product is being explained clearly.

A product that advertises natural and organic CBD oil can still have synthetic or non-organic ingredients mixed in, so it’s important to read the label carefully. However, keep in mind that not all synthetic ingredients are bad. Some well-researched, safe synthetic ingredients may be necessary to help preserve a product, or to help a CBD oil cream maintain its consistency.

Fortunately, there is a range of high-quality, legal CBD oil products on the market now that the United States has begun to allow more hemp farming. Hemp oil for pain relief will be a huge help to the millions of people living with chronic pain.