What is considered the best CBD oil for pain varies from person to person because your pain is unique to you, and the right concentration and ingredients will depend on your pain relief needs.

Still, that does not mean there are not certain standards that every CBD cream should meet or that you should ever settle for a less than stellar hemp oil cream. In fact, because of their recent popularity, the market has become flooded with CBD products, some less reputable than others, and it is important that you know what to look for when you buy CBD oil products.

These four tips and tricks can help you be a more discerning hemp oil consumer and help you find the best CBD oil for pain relief for your pain management needs.


  1. Check the manufacturer

Checking the label to see where your CBD hemp cream is made is a crucial step in verifying its quality.

When searching online, you may often encounter CBD hemp creams that are incredibly affordable, deals that simply seem too good to be true. That is because they likely are.

Often, these products are created using more cost-effective, but dangerous methods. For example, the CBD oil they contain may have been extracted using harmful chemicals such as hexane, butane, pentane, and propane.

Reputable companies use organic ethanol or supercritical CO2 to extract the CBD chemical compound. The first method offers both high yield and safety and the second method involves the use of intricate refinement and expensive devices to ensure the purity of the extract.

Both of these processes are more expensive to undertake, resulting in CBD extracts that are more expensive, but also more ethically extracted and safer for use.

2. Research the hemp’s source

Buy CBD hemp oil from vendors that are certified by the Department of Agriculture.

These regulations ensure the CBD hemp cream is grown in safe environments that are free from lead, mercury, and other toxins. In addition, look for products that source their hemp from certified organic farms.

This is a relatively overlooked but vital aspect of the overall quality of a CBD product. The hemp plant absorbs toxin from its environment relatively easily, and it is important that anything you put in or on your body is as free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals as possible.

Finally, ensuring that your hemp oil product is sourced from a farm in the USA is another way to certify its quality. This is because hemp farmers in the United States must be licensed, and their hemp farms are heavily regulated and held to the highest growing standards in the world.

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3. Determine how much THC is in your CBD hemp cream

THC, the chemical compound that induces psychoactive effects, is a cannabinoid that is derived from the marijuana plant. CBD that is extracted from the marijuana plant rather than hemp plants is more likely to contain unknown amounts of THC.

You can ensure your CBD hemp cream contains less than 0.3% THC by checking the label to see if the CBD it contains was sourced from a hemp plant. Conversely, if the label does not designate the plant from which your CBD was sourced, simply make sure the ingredients indicate that the product contains no more than 0.3% THC.

4.Third-party testing

Third-party testing and the results of that testing should be readily available on the company’s website. It is also best to make sure the given results are relatively recent.

Third-party testing indicates that a manufacturer takes its supply chain seriously and has gone the extra step to certify the products it produces.

The takeaway

Cost-effectiveness should feature into your decision, but it should not be the deciding factor. Focus on the manufacturer, THC levels, the source of the plant’s harvest, and if the results of testing are available.