You’ve probably heard of cannabis-derived or CBD products, all of which aim to provide a natural pain and inflammation relief. Scientists have taken notice as the general interest and acceptance of products like CBD oil for back pain has risen consistently over the past few years. Recently, scientists all over the world have been conducting new research into how they can make CBD products even more effective as a natural remedy to various ailments.

And they may have just found something – CBD products with Nanotechnology.

What is nanotechnology?

Although it is still considered a relatively new scientific field, Nanotechnology is not exclusive to the cannabis world. If you look hard enough, you can find traces of Nanotech virtually everywhere – in your favorite cosmetics and skincare items or daily supplements.

Nanotechnology is the study of extremely small molecules which vary in size from 0.1 to 100 nm. Using Nanotechnology allows scientists to reduce the size of naturally larger particles, which can change some of the particle’s properties, most notably absorption abilities.

Different fields such as the sciences, medicine, beauty, and most recently, the cannabis market, utilize the processes and methods uncovered in this new scientific sector to improve the effectiveness of certain products.


Why are scientists adding Nanotech to cannabis-derived products?

The mixture of Nanotechnology and cannabis-derived products is really new. Which means there isn’t that much research into the effects it may bring, yet.

However, as scientists look to other industries, like beauty and medicine, they find clear evidence of the many benefits Nanotechnology brings to both topical and orally ingestible products.

So, they have begun to research just how Nanotech methods could possibly do the same for the CBD and overall cannabis market.

What are the benefits of integrating Nanotech into CBD products, specifically?

Nanotechnology methods help to alter particle size, and therefore, the particle’s properties.

This is well and good for other more chemically driven industries, but when it comes to CBD products, you may be wondering why Nanotech intervention is even necessary. Especially since the best hemp oils for pain are widely considered those which are 100% natural.

By using Nanotechnology, CBD and other cannabis-derived compounds could potentially be absorbed into your bloodstream more quickly and effectively than the standard (and larger) naturally occurring particles.

This means, the CBD will be introduced into your bloodstream quicker, and less CBD particles will be lost trying to squeeze through the border our skin creates. This could also help make CBD products like CBD pain relief rubs and other topicals more effective since they can enter the body quickly and work effectively with our pain receptors.

Nanotechnology can also make CBD compounds more water compatible, which was not previously possible with the naturally larger particles. CBD products with a higher water content, compared to oil, will be absorbed into our bodies quicker, as the body is 95% water.

Using Nanotech could also potentially alleviate unclarities regarding the CBD dosage system. Since the particles are smaller, we can also assume that the particles will be absorbed similarly among patients. Nano-sized particles do not have to push through our bodily barriers (which vary from person to person), so everyone should get the same dose.

The future of CBD products and Nanotech

Although research into the relationship between Nanotechnology and CBD products is just beginning, scientists and other professionals believe that Nanotech could immensely improve the absorption and pain-fighting capabilities of CBD compounds, whether ingested orally or applied topically in the form of CBD oil for back pain.

Scientists suggest, nonetheless, that consumers remain vigilant, as there is not currently any standard when it comes to Nanotech claims, especially for CBD products. So when looking to buy CBD hemp oil online, always do your due diligence and research what is actually going into your product, and what the active ingredients are.

Until more independent research has been published, there is nothing wrong with sticking to the many 100% effective, natural, and unadulterated CBD products on the market today.