When it comes to getting a gift for the special dad in your life, it can be hard to find something he will find useful and meaningful. This Father’s Day, instead of getting your dad a new set of golf balls or another silk tie, get him CBD cream for pain.

At the end of a long, hard day at work or on the golf course, aches and pains tend to catch up with us as we get older. CBD pain relief rub is suggested by research to be incredibly effective at helping to manage pain at multiple levels, from the day-to-day aches to more severe conditions such as arthritis or back pain.

CBD: Breaking the stigma

There’s a lot of misinformation in the media about what CBD oils and creams are made from, and the effect they have on the body. Unlike marijuana or cannabis, CBD does not contain the hypnotic effects produced by tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Cannabidiol, the full name of CBD, is extracted from hemp which contains little to no THC at all. Hemp is the male plant, while cannabis is the female plant. Hemp does not flower and produce the buds, which are used by people who smoke or ingest cannabis.

CBD, on the other hand, relieves pain by enhancing the binding properties of CB2 receptors which are a part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of the body. CB2 receptors are expressed in the immune tissues and regulate inflammation. As more research is done on the role of cannabinoid receptors on health and wellness, CBD hemp oil for pain and CBD cream for pain are being used to reduce the symptoms of pain and a variety of illnesses. Additionally, because of the disturbing rise of the opioid epidemic and the dangerous addictive properties of pharmaceutical painkillers, CBD is viewed as a viable and even more effective alternative.


Benefits of CBD

According to this 2006 study, the role of the endocannabinoid system in regulating disease and other chronic conditions is promising. CBD is being studied for its relaxing and pain-relieving effects on people with conditions such as Parkinson’s, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, and pain.

For people with chronic inflammatory pain, CBD has been shown to reduce prostaglandin E(2), nitric oxide, and lipid peroxide, all of which contribute to inflammation in muscle tissues. Because of the reduction of the build-up of these elements, people with conditions such as arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, and asthma often see a reduction in their inflammation after a few days of CBD use.

For patients with seizure disorders, the Food and Drug Administration has approved CBD to help epilepsy patients control their seizure activity and severity. According to this report, in three placebo-controlled studies, CBD was proven to reduce the frequency of seizures and improve sleep patterns in patients with Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes. Up until these studies, evidence was mostly anecdotal and difficult to observe; however, the anecdotal evidence is compelling and can now be scientifically proven.

CBD cream for pain relief

CBD cream for pain

For daily aches and pains, or more serious deep-muscle strains and injuries, CBD cream for pain is a safe, natural alternative to over-the-counter pain medications which must be filtered through the liver. Instead, CBD cream penetrates the skin and directly accesses those CB2 receptors, providing quick relief from pain in a localized area of the body. In fact, some topical CBD creams can provide relief in 15 minutes or less.

An added benefit of CBD cream for pain relief is the reduction of inflammation and swelling caused by oxidative stress chemicals which, over time, can begin to damage tissue in the body. High oxidative stress levels have also been linked to conditions such as depression and anxiety. By lowering these levels with CBD, pain and stress can potentially improve and become manageable.

Final thoughts

Your dad deserves to enjoy Father’s Day and every day pain-free. He has enough ties; this year, get him a CBD cream to help him feel his best all year long.