Although CBD topical creams and lotions are increasing in popularity among many Americans, hemp-based products are currently a specifically relevant topic among veterans of the U.S. military in particular.

So much so, that this year’s Rolling Thunder demonstration will highlight the Veteran’s Cannabis Project, which aims to make hemp-based products such as CBD topical creams, more readily available to the U.S. veterans that use them to aid in the relief of issues incurred from their service.

Considering the fact that this year’s rally is the final event in the advocacy demonstration – which has been held annually on Memorial Day weekend for 32 years – it’s choice in highlighting hemp oil for pain relief use by veterans is a bold statement that demands our attention.

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder was established in 1987 by former servicemen Ray Manzo, John Holland, Walt Sides, and Ted Sampley as an initiative that would bring attention to the issue of the POWs and MIAs that had gone missing in the Vietnam War and still were unaccounted for.

They landed on the idea of holding a yearly motorcycle rally in Washington D.C. that would pay tribute to the sacrifice made by still-missing servicemen. The first ride and the many that followed were meant to show that POWs and MIAs were indeed not forgotten by their fellow servicemen and the country that they sacrificed everything to protect.

Today, 32 years later, the Rolling Thunder organization consists of 88 chapters across 29 states. The organization was a critical component in the passing of the Missing Service Personnel Act of 1993, which states that military men and women who are missing cannot be deemed killed in action unless substantial evidence is presented.

The motorcycle gang continues to work with the U.S. Senate in advocating for veterans and the drafting of bills for the return of missing military members.

The group also established Rolling Thunder Charities, a charitable institution that administers financial aid to veterans and veteran families through fundraising efforts.

The organization’s lobbying power and incredible reach make its choice to work with the Veteran’s Cannabis Project at its final Freedom Ride in Washington all the more noteworthy.


The Veteran’s Cannabis Project

The Veteran’s Cannabis Project

Launched in 2015, the Veteran’s Cannabis Project is a grassroots advocacy program that is dedicated to “helping military veterans improve their quality of life through access to cannabis for medical purposes.

The group works to serve as a unified voice for the veterans who look to CBD oil for pain management and PTSD symptom relief rather than turning to traditional pain relief solutions.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Vets

One of the most important issues and main reasons the topic was chosen for this year’s Rolling Thunder rally is the highly under-publicized issue of opioid-based pain relief medication addiction and overdose in the veteran population in the U.S.

Advocates hope that by turning to non-habit-forming CBD hemp oil for pain alternatives over traditional opioid-based medications, the number of veterans that overdose and become dependent upon opioids will decline dramatically.

CBD topical creams exhibit various potential benefits for veterans who return to civilian life with physical, psychological, and psychosocial issues.

For example, the chemical compound CBD works with the body’s natural processes to offer pain and inflammation relief for the chronic, acute, and difficult to treat pain that many veterans suffer after incurring injuries during service.

CBD has also been found to have implications in the treatment of PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. In fact, the symptoms of PTSD, which typically include anxiety, depression, and the re-occurrence of bad dreams and troubling thoughts, were found to decline by nearly 75% in a study conducted in 2014.

The takeaway

Rolling Thunder’s choice in advocating for relaxed restrictions concerning CBD products for veterans in the U.S. is a timely and important choice that highlights the possible benefits of CBD use for our nation’s veterans.