Using hemp oils for pain management is a relatively new concept in the modern medical field. Despite this, many studies have shown that hemp oil is a potent and highly effective alternative to conventional pain medication.

And it is an alternative that is sorely needed: according to the latest statistics, approximately 1 in 4 Americans suffers from a painful health condition. While there are many medications available to manage pain, they often have serious side effects that can negatively impact your health.

Which is why so many are turning to hemp oils for pain management as a natural, non-addictive, and convenient means of obtaining relief from the hindrance of daily pain.

The following four hemp oil products may be your ticket to pain relief.

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is a naturally derived by-product of industrial hemp processing. Unlike medical marijuana products, it does not contain the compound THC, which is the psychoactive chemical responsible for giving users a “high.”

What hemp oil does contain is a chemical compound known as Cannabidiol or CBD which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

There are two general types of hemp oil: full-spectrum and isolate. Full-spectrum hemp oil products still contain other active cannabinoids, including the psychoactive THC at varying levels. CBD isolate, on the other hand, contains only CBD as an active ingredient.

While this means you may need to take CBD hemp oil at a higher dosage for effective pain relief, it also makes CBD isolate products less risk-associated and better for general use.

CBD isolate hemp oils are used in a variety of products for effective pain management but finding the best hemp oil for pain relief will depend on your unique situation.


 1. Hemp Oil Cream

While many hemp oil users consume the product orally, studies have found that the topical application of hemp oil allows the active ingredient to be more bioavailable. This means that a higher concentration of the product can be used by the body, making it more effective as a means of pain relief.

One of the best ways to administer CBD hemp oil topically is as a cream. Cream hemp oil products can be applied to targeted areas for direct pain relief. Additionally,  creams often contain other highly-beneficial natural ingredients, such as shea butter, for additional skin-health benefits.

Hemp oil creams from top-tier manufacturers are formulated to be gentle enough for daily use on minor aches and pains or for use on sports injuries, such as strains and sprains.

 2. Hemp Oil Oral Spray

One benefit of using CBD hemp oil for pain is that it can be used to treat difficult neuropathic conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis.

In fact, a recent study found that the use of an oral hemp oil spray reduced severe pain in patients with Multiple Sclerosis and inhibited muscle spasms that were one of the root causes of pain.

Hemp Oil Capsules

CBD hemp oil

CBD hemp oil for pain is also available in capsule form. Though hemp oil capsules tend to have a slower release compared to standard oils or creams and offer less targeted pain relief, they are a good option for those looking to achieve more general, all-over pain alleviation.

 3. Hemp Oil Edibles

One of the unique benefits of using hemp oil edibles is that they generally taste good and come in a variety of edible forms, from candy and gummies to cakes and cookies.

However, it can be difficult to be as precise concerning the dosage of CBD hemp oil you receive when consuming an edible, which is a potential drawback to this otherwise delicious pain relief option.

4. Hemp Vape Oil

With the increase in popularity of vaping, many CBD hemp oil users have found that using CBD-infused oil as a vape oil allows the compound to be efficiently delivered to the body.

However, the safety and efficacy of vaping CBD hemp oil have not been extensively researched, and users should do so with caution.

Final Thoughts

Turning to CBD hemp oil for pain is an effective way to ease your suffering and get back to doing the things you love.

There are many ways you can take hemp oil for pain management, however, for the most targeted pain relief, hemp oil creams offer a simple pain management system that can be used daily by individuals across a broad spectrum of pain issues and concerns.