If you always find you are more afraid of the possibility of delayed-onset muscle soreness than the intimidating high-impact workout ahead of you, then adding a CBD pain relief rub to your gym routine may be the right choice for you.

CBD topical creams are a fast and natural way to mitigate the pain of delayed muscle soreness so you can get back on the field, in the gym, or on the court.

A closer look at muscle soreness

When you complete a workout—whether it’s lifting heavy or a high-impact bodyweight exercise circuit—your muscles are put through the wringer. The process of building muscle begins by first actually tearing it: During your workout, your muscles withstand thousands of microscopic tears in the muscle fiber.

After the tears occur, the body responds in the same way it would to any infliction, with an inflammatory response. This is a homeostatic mechanism that helps the body naturally repair minor damage– such as increased plasma-rich blood flow to the area – and maintain homeostasis.

Soreness occurs as your body completes this repairing process and, contrary to popular belief, the soreness that results from an intense workout is not the result of built-up lactic acid, but the microscopic tears inflicted on the muscle fibers and the resulting inflammation that ensues.

The soreness and stiffness in your muscles is then part of an adaptation and building process: When your body finishes the repair, the recovered muscles are stronger, bigger, and have more stamina.


CBD pain relief rub to the rescue

CBD pain relief rub to the rescue

In short, this all means that the soreness you feel the day after your workout (and even the day after that…) simply indicates that your higher intensity routine worked to push your muscles to the point of improvement.

But that silver lining might be hard to keep in mind when your legs are so sore that you struggle to sit down without assistance.

Enter the pain relieving benefits of CBD hemp oil for pain. Topical creams and CBD pain relief rubs can help mitigate your aching, muscle soreness, and joint inflammation to help reduce your downtime and the pain associated with the muscle building process.

So much so, that the prominent scientific journal Frontiers in Neurology has published multiple studies concerning the potential positive effects of using CBD hemp oil for pain management.

Ready to get your workout on?

After preparing yourself for delayed-onset muscle soreness with CBD pain relief rubs, you’ll find nothing is holding you back from adding one, or all of the following high-impact workouts to your routine.

  1. Long jumps: With both feet together, hip-width apart and with an adequate amount of space in front of you to spring forward (10-12 feet) start in a high squat. Then, with your core engaged, lower your body to gear up for the jump and, when you’re ready, jump forward as far as you can while being able to land with soft feet.
    If you prefer squat jumps start by springing upward rather than forward.
  2. Burpees: Start in a frog-like position, with your hands next to your feet on the ground. When you’re ready, jump both feet back to land in a pushup position. Hold for one second, and then jump your feet back toward your hands. From this point, spring upward from a squat jump position and land softly on your feet.
  3. Speed skaters: Alternating from right to left, jump from one foot to another with a lateral jump. For this exercise, aim for distance over height.

Recover with CBD oil

After your workout, apply your CBD oil pain relief rub to help reduce pain and inflammation and keep your body ready for its next high-intensity workout.