Are you thinking about traveling for the Fourth of July? Thanks to a new TSA policy update, you may be able to bring your favorite CBD lotion for pain along for the flight. The TSA has clarified that hemp-derived CBD products can be brought onto planes in your carry-on or checked bags, as long as they concur with two general guidelines.

TSA policy change about Hemp-derived CBD products

Just short of two weeks ago, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) changed their cannabis policy, effectively allowing some hemp-derived CBD products used for medicinal reasons on board.

Previously, all hemp or cannabis products were completely forbidden in passenger cabins as well as in checked suitcases. This is partly due to the lack of legal distinction between high-inducing illicit drugs with substantial traces of THC and hemp-derived products that are used for medical purposes like CBD lotion for pain. This new development by the TSA is largely thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill as well as Senator Mitch McConnell’s support for hemp insurance and the legal distinction of hemp and marijuana.

The FDA also recently approved a drug with traces of CBD Oil called Epidiolex, which helps treat children with epilepsy. An FDA spokesperson remarked that this, along with other pro-cannabis movements in the United States political sphere, are the main reasons why the policy was changed.

However, this policy change does not blindly accept the use and presence of every product stemming from the cannabis plant. On their webpage, the TSA reminds visitors that certain cannabis products are still illegal under federal law, and their agents possess the right to report all violations to law enforcement.


Will I be able to take my CBD product onboard?

According to the TSA, hemp-based products that were produced under the regulations set forth by the Agriculture Improvement Act 2018 and are approved by the FDA are legal and can be packed in both carry-ons and checked luggage.

Will I be able to take my CBD product onboard?

Before you buy CBD oil online, you should check whether the product follows legislative guidelines regarding THC limits and has already been approved by the FDA. If not, you may be better off looking for a different pure CBD oil for pain.

If your specific CBD cream, oil, ointment or rub falls within this category, you still have to respect rules for bringing liquids and similar and creams in your carry-on. If you are checking in your baggage, this rule will not apply.

However, this new protocol does not influence the TSA’s ban on other cannabis products, even if you live in a state where recreational marijuana use is tolerated. This factor supports that the TSA is only following the lead of the federal government and related organizations and will not be influenced by state governments. As the government continues to grow more pro-cannabis, we can potentially expect more developments in TSA policy.

How will the TSA check for conforming CBD products?

This is the issue on everyone’s mind. As of now, TSA agents do not actively search for illegal drugs or substances, including marijuana. However, if officers do uncover such a substance, they are required to report the finding to a local law enforcement officer. That officer will determine how to proceed.

This policy change regarding cannabis now raises the question of whether TSA officers will require more drug-related education and actively search for different drugs to enforce the new policy. New testing mechanisms or machines may be developed to test levels of THC in hemp products, to make sure they adhere to the legal parameters.

Keep in mind that, especially for carry-on bags, the final decision regarding a passenger’s possessions and whether they are admissible lies with the TSA agent on duty. However, if your product falls in line with the above guidelines, there shouldn’t be any problems bringing it along for your trip.