Now that the 2018 Farm Bill has allowed production of hemp products, CBD oil for back pain has increased in popularity. The national opioid crisis has been devastating for communities as patients try to manage their chronic pain without becoming addicted to pharmaceuticals. With hemp being removed from the list of schedule 1 substances, innovative minds are free to develop pain and seizure relief methods that don’t rely on opioids or other addictive substances.

As a result, more hemp-based products have been introduced that claim to reduce pain naturally without psychotropic side effects. CBD oil products derived from hemp are being developed all the time, but various products have different approaches to treating pain. Since arthritis pain can be particularly tough to manage, you may be wondering if it’s worth it to buy CBD oil.

Arthritic Pain

Many adults over 40 experience arthritic pain, but the methods for treating it are limited. To complicate matters further, there are different types of arthritis. Stretches and braces don’t always provide relief, especially for rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease. When left untreated, the pain can begin to influence your posture.

Diagnosing the type and cause of your pain can take time, even for experienced medical professionals. In the meantime, you may be left struggling to manage your pain. Even after your diagnosis, you’ll want to avoid opioids and other pharmaceuticals with unpleasant side effects or the risk of addiction.


How CBD Oil Helps

Cannibidiol, or CBD, doesn’t produce a mental “high” the way THC does. Instead, it merely influences the way the body receives and processes pain signals. It utilizes the body’s chemicals to temporarily alter how the nervous system interprets pain. In some cases, CBD may also reduce inflammation in the nervous system.

CBD oil for pain relief has been well-researched, and studies show that it can be very effective for rheumatoid arthritis patients. Since its pain reduction mechanism is different from that of opioids and other addictive pharmaceuticals, it’s low-risk and appropriate for daily use.

CBD oil and other hemp products have been used by ancient civilizations, so it’s no surprise that modern science has now proven the effectiveness of the oil. However, since the United States had strict restrictions on it until recently, it’s a new product to many people.

Different Forms of CBD

CBD oil is commonly taken in a pill form, with the CBD oil encased in a capsule. This oil is available in differing amounts. For patients with widespread pain, CBD pills may be a good option, but it takes time for your body to digest and process the oil. If you’re a working middle-aged or elderly adult with significant joint pain, you can’t afford to wait around for pain relief.

For arthritis patients, a CBD pain relief rub, such as a cream, is likely the best option. This type of product allows an appropriate concentration of CBD to be placed directly on the affected area, minimizing waste and maximizing effectiveness. CBD cream can reduce pain within 15 minutes of application, so it’s great for patients whose pain comes and goes with little warning. You can also increase the amount applied without risking nausea or other digestive side effects.

Organic, Natural CBD

When searching for a CBD product that will work for you, make sure to check the manufacturer’s claims carefully. Some products that claim to contain CBD actually contain synthetic CBD. While synthetic CBD is chemically the same as naturally grown CBD, its side effects are still under-researched. Look for a CBD oil product that’s made with organic hemp, grown on certified organic farms.

Also, watch out for overseas products that are made with CBD oil made from marijuana. It’s hard for manufacturers to control the amount of THC that seeps into CBD oil made from marijuana. CBD oil made from hemp is the best option for avoiding psychotropic side effects. Though there is no standardized labeling for CBD products yet, a reputable company will explain its sourcing and manufacturing processes clearly and transparently.

CBD oil for pain relief is a major new wellness trend for a reason. If you have arthritis, it’s well worth a try – especially if traditional treatment methods are failing you.